Jack Westmore is a classically trained composer with experience in a variety of musical styles.

Jack’s teenage years were spend studying classical music in school, and gigging with various rock bands in the pubs of rural Wales. He went on to study Music at the University of Sussex which greatly expanded his musical knowledge and compositional technique. This led to him winning the Young Composer of Dyfed Competition in 2006 for his String Quartet ‘Roha’, as well as numerous performances of other classical compositions.

During this time Jack also began writing music for film and theatre, and he later returned to university to achieve and MA in Soundtrack Production at the Screen Academy of Bournemouth University.

Since then Jack has continued to work on many short films, independent productions, animation, web-based media, and corporate film. In 2011 Jack won an award for his score for LoveStruck, a short film broadcast on BBC2 Wales as part of the Made In Wales series.

Jack continues to work as a freelance composer for film and media, and is currently based in Cardiff.